Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Frii Hotel

The style and design of this hotel is excellent. The hotel has a surfing identity since it’s close to several popular surfing spots. The interior design looks like the inside of a Rip Curl store. If you came to Bali to go surfing or like the surfing culture this hotel will appeal to you. The room price is also very appealing which is one of the reasons why we booked an entire week with Frii hotel. Including taxes (which almost doubled the listed price :() it ended up being about $35 a night. The rooms were a bit cozy but the modern design makes up for it with a large flat screen TV and a showerhead that mimics rainfall. Our room did not come with a closet so if you wanted a place to hang up your clothes as you're unpacking luggage you are going to be disappointed. The biggest complaint we had about the hotel were the door locks. We were unable to get into our room several times because our card didn't work. The staff had to come and try different keys until we were finally able to get in. The process took about 10 minutes each time. I would say one incident is an inconvenience when it's happening almost every time you're coming back to your room after a long day it might be time to look for another hotel. I feel bad for the staff that works at the hotel because the problem is clearly the management buying a cheap door lock system but now the problem has become a huge part of employees daily tasks. Another inconvenience is the wifi internet access at the hotel. It would be fast internet if it was 2003 and users could be impressed to watch a 4 minute video on this new website called Youtube. Also, the way the wifi internet is setup at the hotel it requires you to continuously type in the username and password whenever the lock screen pops up on the computer or Smartphone. Finally, on a positive note I would like to mention the location of the hotel, Canggu, is a great town. It's about a 30 minute drive to downtown Kuta and is situated on the outskirts of town. The area has a suburban countryside feel in contrast to downtown Kuta which has a Hard Rock Hotel and 50 stores selling Bintang Beer beach towels.

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