Monday, December 29, 2014

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag

Maybe it's the German ancestry in me but I get really excited when a product is tough, styish, and extremely functional. That's why I like the Timbuk2 Classic messenger bag (2014) from San Francisco. Good stitching, a water resistant covering, and a "napoleon pocket" under the flap on the outside. The pocket makes for easy access to things you use often but don't want to dig around in the bag to find. I use the napoleon pocket (which I think is an industry term for a side pocket Napoleon is painted as liking in his clothing design) for my headphones and sometimes I put my smart phone when I'm worried about a rainstorm.
My favorite part of this bag is the strap. It's much different than other messenger bags you will find and is designed well for function.  The strap has a quick pull tab that allows you to fully extend the strap in order to take it off your shoulde--over your head--without messing up your hair. Then after you throw the strap back over your head you can easily adjust the strap to fit the needs of your next carry. The bag also has a mini strap that wraps under your armpit. This strap has great function when you're carrying a heavy load and need to distribute the weight better. Or if you're riding your bike and want to keep your bag stable. One thing that's a little cumbersome about the mini strap is that you aren't able to sit down and have the mini strap connected. You are going to need to unhook the strap slide the bag forward and place it on your lap every time. Then when you stand up you need to hook the mini strap again. I had to do this a lot because I commuted by subway and bus everyday. If I forget to connect the mini strap again when I stood up I ended up having this strap tail flapping back and forth as I walked.

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