Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fizik Aliante Bike Saddle

Fizik Aliante Gamma Versus Saddle - Men's: "Fancy Seat!" I bought the Fizik Aliente bike saddle because the manufacturer standard Gary Fischer seat that came with my bike was leaving my sit bone numb from even short bikes. Fizik is marketed and presented as being revolutionary in bike saddle technology with their system of different seat positions of riders named by animals that describe their riding style/flexibility. The Bull class saddle's are for a person with grandpa's flexibility, the Chameleon class is for your dad's flexibility, and the Snake class is for yoga instructors. The Aliente saddle falls in the middle. My experience with the saddle is that it is very light weight given its carbon frame. Although it didn't rid me of numbness while riding the saddle has definitely reduced a lot numbness that I used to experience on a consistent basis with my old factory seat. Unexpectedly, the seat has also increased my steering control. To have a very sleek and dynamically shaped saddle in between my legs makes a difference in the overall feel of the ride more than I expected. The biggest question is if it is worth the price tag. Pros : Durable,Lightweight Cons : Expensive Best Uses : All Around