Sunday, February 9, 2014

8 Essential Bicycle Accessories

City Bike Accessory Essentials So you bought a nice hybrid city bike because you are smart city commuter and know that bicycles are a fast and convenient way to get around your city. BUT you don’t know much about your bikes or being a responsible bicycle owner. Owning a bike is similar to owning a dog. There are a lot of accessories that need to go along with the initial purchase. Let’s go over some of these essential accessories and generalize the average price of these items so you know when you are shopping for a bike you should add the total bike cost to include these accessories. 1. Bike Lock There are many different bike locks on the market. Let’s say that you just want something that is portable and can wrap around a variety of posts and metal railings. 20,000 won 2. Bike light-it’s is advisable to get a front and a rear light but I will budget for the essential taillight. 10,000 won 3. (The next 4 accessories are required in case you are stuck on the side of the road because you just ran over some broken glass and have a flat tire) Bike Seat Bag. This is suppose to be mounted under your bike seat and carry a couple of essential items that should always be on your bicycle person. 25,000 won 4. Bike Pump-to inflate your spare bike tube or to pump up sagging tubes while you’re riding. 25,000 won 5. Bike tire levers-to pry your tire off of your bicycle rim wheel. And to pry it back on after you have replaced your popped tire tube. 8,000 won 6. Extra bike tube-just in case you get a flat tire while out riding. Car owners always carry a spare tire and so should bicycle owners. 13,000 won 7. Bike Tool-this is also an essential because bike accessory because it carries common allen wrench sizes so as you become more competent of machine that you’re riding you can do minor repairs and maintenance on your bike. Keep this in your bike seat bag and it will be with you just in case you need to adjust your bike seat or handlebars. 18,000 won 8. Bicycle degreaser/lubrication-every bike owner needs to do some essential maintenance every once in a while to keep your bike performing well. Think of this like the bicycle oil change because it should be done at least as much as an oil change on your car. You should first apply the degreaser to your bicycle chain and cables to clean off the dirt and grime that accumulates on your bike over time. After you’ve applied the degreaser apply some lubrication as the finishing touch. 25,000 won for both Extra: This next item is more optional and is convenient if a bicycle is your only means of transportation. Bicycle Pannier Rack-if you go shopping by bike it is a good idea to buy a bicycle rack so you can place your heavy items on the rack and off your back. This rack also doubles as a fender to keep dirt and water from spraying up on your back as you’re riding home in the unexpected rain storm. 38,000 won In conclusion with one optional accessory your total accessory cost will come out to around 100,000 won. So as you are shopping for your next bike add in the extra cost of these essential accessories to the price of the bike to give you a better total cost of a bicycle purchase.

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