Saturday, January 11, 2014

HP Chromebook 14

A laptop that runs on an operating system other than Microsoft or Apple!?! A laptop that automatically updates its software and virus protection--I’m sold! As I’m getting used to the big change of owning my first Chromebook I am experiencing some growing pains. One problem I’m experiencing with the Chromebook is that the Google Drive products are far inferior to the Microsoft Office products. In fact if Google Drive products couldn’t automatically save content changes anywhere in the world that I would attribute the Google Drive products to a Microsoft product from 1995 (Windows95). Another problem with the Chromebook is that buying one is like signing yourself to over to the devil and you can only use the devil’s video chatting and media systems. Skype, Itunes, and Microsoft Office are like speaking a foreign language to Chromebook users. Also these Google products are lacking consistently. I’ve often got logged out in a middle of a Google Hangout video chat simply for technical difficulties. When I bought the Chromebook I was thinking I was going to get an Android phone in the future. I have an Iphone right now. The benefit of the Chromebook is that I could link applications between my phone and my computer. But until I get an Android phone I’m not able to benefit from these connections. In fact I’m not able to even charge my iphone on my Chromebook through the USB port. Through these growing pains I’m looking to the future of the Chromebook. As Google products and devices get better and the bugs get worked out I should be able to reap the benefits of a well decided purchase for years to come. Usually after three years a Microsoft based laptop is out of date and slow but based on the Chromebooks main tenants such as automatically updated virus protection and software it should be as sharp as ever.

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