Friday, September 16, 2011

Skate Banana

After a season of heavy riding on the Lib Tech Skate Banana 156 I have nothing but praise for a snowboard that’s a step above the competition. Pacific Northwest snowboarding demands a snowboard that can stay on top of heavy deep powder and also be able to edge on a surface of iced over Pineapple Express leftovers. This snowboard can really be a “my everything” board from big mountain to park and everywhere in between. By the end of the season I was comfortable enough on boxes with the rocker on the Lib Tech to handle a Boardslide 360 spin. It made it all that more satisfying for me because I won the board in an employee raffle at the ski resort I worked at. This year I tried a bunch of other snowboards from friends and demo days but I was always most satisfied with my Skate Banana.

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