Friday, September 16, 2011

Kelty Red Cloud 6650

My negative experience with the Kelty Red Cloud 6650 probably stems from the fact that I didn't get the pack custom fitted when I bought it. On backpacking trips I took it on I was constantly adjusting the hip strap and would feel pain in my back and shoulders. The padding on the hip strap is very stubby and has a lot of girth. The strap does not extend far into your mid-section and perhaps is too wide to fit in between my pelvis and ribs. This is why I thought I experienced so much discomfort on extended backpacking trips.
The Kelty Red Cloud comes with a lot of pockets. Most of these pockets are unnecessary and adds weight to the pack. A multi-day backpack only needs one big pocket for all your overnight/dinner stuff and very few outside pockets to hold day-use stuff. I also wish there was a key hook for car keys on the Red Cloud like those in most day packs.

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